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Remote Big Bands

There have been two main modes of musicians getting their playing 'out there' during 2020/ 2021... either live stream, or create these crazy remotley recorded audio/ visual extravaganzas!

Strictly Smokin' were pretty quick off the mark with our first attempt at remote recording back in March 2020 with "Route 66" which was 100% recorded on mobile phones!!

We finished our contribution to remote big bands with "St. Louis Blues" featuring Mike Lovatt in July 2020... by that time we'd got the nack of it!

There have been hundreds of these videos created acorss the world with top notch musicians and bands - far too many to list in a single place - below are just a few which cought my eye over the last few months.

If you enjoyed the videos, go find the creators and at least follow their social medias and share their content with your followers. Better yet, if you can, hit their PayPal and/ or Patreon links and contribute to the making of these brilliant pieces of work which have kept us entertained during Covid-19 lockdowns.

In no particular order...

Joshua Elcock Big Band "Istanbul Coffee Cup" comp: Gerard Presencer feat: James Copus (flugel) & Michael Butcher (sop)

UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra "Das Model/ The Model" arr: John Hollenbeck comp: Karl Bartos, Ralf Hütter & Emil Schult for Kraftwerk feat: John Hollenbeck (kit), Seppo Kantonen (keys), Vesa Ojaniemi (bass) directed: Ed Partyka

Pandemonium Big Band "Two for One" comp/ arr: Elliot Deutsch feat: Dan Kaneyuki

Mikey Davis Big Band "Blow Gambriel Blow" arr: Christof R Davis comp: Cole Porter feat: Emma Lindars

Generation Gap Jazz Orchestra "Inner Urge" arr: Steven Feifke comp: Joe Henderson

Bansangu Orchestra "Chorinho Triangular" comp/ arr: Paul Booth

Mike Sailors Quarantine Big Band "Rosetta" arr: Mike Sailors comp: Earl Hines feat: Rick McRae (gtr)

Quarantine Big Band Helsinki "Birdland" arr: Nick Lane comp: Josef Zawinul

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