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Following the huge sucess of Harlem '58 and Ella & Ellington,
A brand new show, touring in 2025


A big band journey from Blues, to Basie and beyond.

“Reinventing the big band..." - Jazzwise Magazine, May 2024

" of the UK’s most effortlessly fluent big bands” – Jazz Alert

"...a truly great band." Jazz Views

With our full 18-piece big band, we tell the story of jazz, swing, and big bands from their inception all the way to the present day through the music of the most popular, groundbreaking, and adventurous musicians who ever lived.

The development of big band jazz is not an easy one—it is fraught with racial inequality, gender stereotyping, and harsh realities. However, the music that was forged lives on, is a testament to those who helped create it, and is just as relevant today as it ever was.

From the cotton plantations of the Deep South to video game soundtracks, big bands have survived everything from financial depressions, world wars, pop-mania, and technological advances.

Time After Time shines a spotlight on jazz's most iconic names and will bring you all the way to the big band music of 2025.

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