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CD/DL: SSBB and Friends

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Release & shipping 17th May 2024

The third and final CD from our epic crowd funded project.

Please note: if you supported our funder by ordering a reward, you do not need to order this CD again.

Liner notes:

One of the UK's most effortlessly fluent big bands" - Jazz Alert

Celebrating 20 years in 2022, Strictly Smokin' Big Band prides itself on versitility; originally rooted in swing, SSBB has evolved into an ensemble also performing new, original and contemporary material. Its ranks boast the best jazz and commercial musicians the North has to offer.

This album spawned from the band's numerous guest artist performances across Newcastle-upon-Tyne with an array of the UK's top musicians. Huge thanks to them all. There is mention throughout the album booklet about their significance on the UK music scene but frankly these guys are some of the best in the world! Every interation, rehearsal, gig and recording has been a genuine pleasure. Thank you to everyone involved.

All the arrangements featured are by Michael Lamb with titles selected by our guests - more on the tunes throgout this booklet.

SSBB & Friends is the final of three crowd-fuinded albums. It's been a mammoth task producing them and the musicians have excelled themselves. Thanks to all those who supported the funder, pre-ordered or purchased this recording. Non of theese albums would exist without your support.

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