Although it might look like we’re just a big jazz band, Strictly Smokin is much, much more!

In fact, it’s our size that gives us incomparable flexibility – our musicians are available as soloists or even as a huge 20 piece party band or big band.

Don’t let size put you off, everything is customisable – from one to twenty musicians.

We have pre-set bands which are either good-to-go as they are, or are a great starting point for you to create the exact band you’re after.


We pride ourselves on the quality and versatility of our performances. We don’t outsource our music to other bands, and everyone is in-house so that we can guarantee the quality.

Take a look at any of our promo videos to see for yourself… they’re all recorded LIVE!!


Agents charge you a fee to book a band.  That can be an extra 20% on top of what you’d pay by coming direct!!

We definitely aren’t an agency – we are a band – so we have no need to charge fees on top of the basic price it costs to hire us.

The only thing you pay for are the musicians you’re hiring… that’s all.  No hidden costs or dubious administration fees.


We’re a bit scared of totting up the amount of gigs we’ve done between us, or how many years experience we have collectively… both are huge!

Number of events we’ve played for is easily over a thousand, and years of experience is well into the hundreds!  We really do know what we’re doing, and hope our online reviews reflect that.

We’ve also covered just about every type of event possible – awards evenings, business and corporate events, wedding receptions and ceremonies, cruise ships, every kind of party and gathering imaginable, dinners, formals & balls and more… you name it we’ve done it! We’ve also been to most of the venues in the region and know their routines and staff.


Booking music can be a bit scary… maybe all you know is a song you’d love to hear played live, or maybe you want a particular instrument (saxophones are popular!), a certain type of vocalist or a particular atmosphere creating…

Any of those pieces of information is enough for us to make some suggestions to you about one of our ready made bands which we think would suit.

Our smallest ‘ready-to-go’ band is our Acoustic Trio – it’s perfect for that chilled ‘live lounge’ vibe. Great for a drinks reception or a lawn party.

The next size up are our Party Band, Soul Band and Tiny Big Band – they all have 8 musicians by default, but can be reduced to 5 depending on your preference.

And, finally our two largest groups for ultimate impact are our Little Big Band and our full Big Band… these are real showstoppers, but can also be expanded/ reduced to suit.


There is a perception that the only way to get security when booking musicians is to use an agency.  That’s not the case!

Booking direct actually gives you extra security.  You still get a full contract detailing everything about your booking.  Not only that, you are dealing with the musicians that will turn up on the day – that means there is no mis-communication of details, and a fully personalised service.


We’re the only band in the North to be able to offer this kind of service.

Maybe you’re torn between a couple of options, or really want different styles of music to different points in your event?

Because of our versatility and flexibility, we can offer any combination of bands to you at no extra cost.

Popular options recently have been to have a solo sax at your drinks reception, start party with some cool Sinatra/ Bublé swing from our Little Big Band, finish the live music with our Party Band and close the night with our DJ.

That’s just one option… the possibilities are endless!


Everything is in-house or from a regular collaborator… you can add anything onto the main event, and because it is our own musicians it’s always cheaper than hiring from a separate source.

For example, our DJ is usually about a third of the cost of a separate hire… you can’t argue with that.


Booking direct with your musicians always gets you a better, more personal service, saves you money, and is more secure than using an agent.

Say no more!


We have a number of vocalists that work for Strictly Smokin, all of whom have different specialisms and styles.  Great as soloists and in combination.

Our range of vocalists means we can confidently offer one the wides range of music under one roof…

Chart, Top 40 & Classics — Jazz & Swing — Soul & Funk

If you’re getting married, we’ll also perform your first dance free or charge!

We’d love to hear from you if you’re planning an event and would like some live music.  There is no obligation if you get in touch, and we’re happy to talk through your options if you’re unsure.


We also have a Covid policy meaning if your event is disrupted in any way, you won’t lose out.


Click the ‘Enquire Now’ button at the top of this page to get in touch…