Steve Summers


Newcastle has always had great live music – and big bands.

It’s 6 years in SSBB for me now – I love the sound we make and the fact that we’re so set on improvement, and the constant weekly addition of new music to what is now an enormous pad of music… it weighs more than my sax case!

I’ve gigged around newcastle for over 40 years and am as stimulated now by sax heroes like Paul Booth (SSBB gig with Paul in 2018 was sublime) as I was as a teen by Cormack Loane & Nigel Stanger.

After scratching away for years on a violin without much success my parents found me, age 9, getting nice notes from some plastic tubes when the bathroom was being fitted. A quick switch to clarinet and I’ve never looked back, though I’ve added quite a few shapes and sizes of reed instruments to the list since the bathroom days!

Jazz is what excites me, especially if the rhythm is Latin or if it makes people dance, but I’ve spent much time playing Irish folk & classical too.

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